Common Reasons for Arrest in PA

DUI is the most common crime Pennsylvania residents commit on an annual basis, according to a 2017 York Record Reporter report. More than 45,500 people were arrested for this crime in 2017 and it seems that DUI arrests only continue to rise.  DUI conviction comes with a slew of consequences, including driver’s license suspension and fines. Once you call a bondsman to make bail bonds allentown pa and get you out of jail, make sure the next call made is to a lawyer.

Of course, people in the state are arrested for many other crimes aside from DUI. This crime just happens to be the most commonly committed. Drug possession is a common crime in the state as well. Many people are arrested and charged with marijuana possession and sales every year, but heroin is also a huge problem throughout the state. Conviction of drug possession can result in many years in prison and other consequences.

Theft is a common crime that can land you behind bars and with a tarnished reputation. Misdemeanor theft occurs if you take merchandise with a value of $500 or less that does not belong to you. Theft charges can be placed upon a person who takes merchandise that is not their own from a person or from a business.

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Assault is a misdemeanor charge for most people but it can turn into a felony if a weapon is used or other extraordinary circumstances exist. The crime is punishable by up to 11 months, 29 days in jail if it’s a misdemeanor charge. Misdemeanor assault charges may be filed even when you do not actually physically harm someone, but instead put them in fear for their life or threaten to cause them bodily harm.